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This is our subscription page, you will find all our back catalog in lossless format WAV or AIFF. You will find remix steams so you can remix our tracks, there will be exclusive releases and other goodies in the future.

Concerning our latest releases (2015 and above) not all releases will be featured on bandcamp right away, unfortunately the music industry works in ways where distributors, labels and music shops asks for exclusivity for months, sometimes years, so we might not be able to provide you with everything we release right away!
However trust that we have enormous respect for our followers and we will make the most to get you everything that we produce as soon as possible so with time things will be around here!
The best part being of course that there will be exclusive stuff that only our most loyal followers (people that are subscribed here) will get.

PS: You also get plus karma points for making us able to buy more craft beer and gear!!


You’re a supporterThank you!
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Principles of Flight
Paris, France

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